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Soirts Sgirts

Adopt to inernationae enviromentalmatereiae Neopren,and possess goud resilience and protection,Good for protectingbuttocks musles from hurting fit for doing gymonustics and body-budding exercises to keep fit.

Please stop using it if itis not suitable for your skins.

"Everybody Wants to easily the unnecessary weight and remain in good shape.Now that is possible to achieve with the Bermuda shorts.wear it during your usual workout or during,rope skipping,jogging,brisk walking,aerobic dance etc. for a healthy and abundant perspiration.An effective product to melt away the unnecessary fat around your hips and that guarantees excellent results with a minimum affort.technical features:Double neoprene covering that's perspirable and washable.

.All-in-one trimmer for waist hips and thighs.

.Keeps groin and thigh muscles warn through natural body heat to prevent or relieve soreness.

.Light comfortable,can be worn under clothing.

.Step-in garment with tough nylon side zipper and covers the thigh makes dressing quick and easy.

.Increases perspiration while exercising,working or relaxing.

.Helps reduce the bulky water weight in waist area.

.Ideal for jogging,aerobics,jazzercise,trick skiing,boarding,surfing,wind surfing,or jet skiing

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